Social responsibility

Firma Roleski realizes its goals based on sustainability, reliability, honesty, employee care and development of clients’ and partners’ trust, embodying the idea of social responsibility of business. Since 2010, we have been members of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), an organisation gathering companies from all around the world. Its mission is to increase ethics awareness in business and promote responsible business practice.

Believing in the need to help the poor and those looking for help, Firma Roleski has always supported various institutions and NGOs. The helping hand of Roleski family has at all times been extended to those in need, especially small organisations from the local community.

The social involvement of Firma Roleski was noticed and appreciated in 2007, when Caritas Poland awarded us with Ubi Caritas Award in the “Caritas Benefactor” category. In 2010, there was an important ceremony for Firma Roleski – Investiture for the Knight of the Order of Saint Stanislaus, a historical Polish order established by Stanislaus II August Poniatowski, King of Poland, as a source of inspiration for charity work for those sensitive to suffering in Europe and all around the world.

All the experience and knowledge gathered throughout Firma Roleski history is invaluable and definitely worth much more than the company’s market value.