Environmental policy

The aim of Roleski company is to enable its customers to enrich and diversify the taste of their meals by providing them with mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and sauces. We want our customers to be able to prepare their meals according to their own taste and liking.

Our environmental policy:

  • to run the company in accordance with binding rules and regulations, especially those concerning environmental protection
  • to minimise the amount of chemicals being used
  • to create internal regulations that would enable the company to reduce the amount of waste
  • to apply only those technological processes, in course of which the amount of environmentally harmful materials is reduced to a minimum
  • to use energy and water in a rational way
  • to establish constant cooperation with reliable suppliers

The company’s environmental policy is implemented in the following way:

  • constant improvement of Integrated Management System in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 14001 compliance with current regulations and rules concerning environmental protection
  • improvement of technology and manufacturing processes so that they are environmentally friendly and satisfy needs and expectations of current and potential partners as well as other parties involved
  • reduction of solid and liquid waste generation
  • constant involvement of employees in the process of quality improvement and systematic training and development of skills in the field of environmental protection
  • providing employees with proper working conditions and resources that enable constant development and modernisation of the company
  • use of materials and packages that allow to manufacture goods of proper quality, as expected by customers