Firma Roleski is a modern and dynamic enterprise whose growth and development is defined by its mission statement:

We deliver food products for all consumer groups at a reasonable price and the quality is guaranteed by the family trade mark of ‘Firma Roleski’.

Past & Presence…

Firma Roleski was founded in 1972 as a family business. Ever since its beginnings, it has been engaged in agriculture and food industry. In 1985, the company became the first Polish entity to have broken state monopoly and obtained licence required for mayonnaise production, because in those times, production of mayonnaise was controlled by the government.

In the 90s, when international retail chains began emerging on the Polish market, Firma Roleski started growing and expanding. Roleski products raised interest of the German retail chain HIT (later acquired by the British Tesco) – they were the first to have placed Roleski mayonnaise on their shelves. Cooperation with other retail chains was just a matter of time.

In the following years, position of Firma Roleski on the ‘wet condiments’ market strengthened, the product line was extended and products like mayonnaise sauces, ketchup and tomato puree were introduced. However, mustard turned out to be the most successful product category. Roleski mustards (Sarepska, Horseradish or Table mustard) are one of the favourites of the Polish consumers. Every fourth jar of mustard sold in Poland comes from Zbylitowska Gora.

Nowadays, apart from the well-known and appreciated mustards, ketchup and mayonnaise, there are also Roleski sauces and dressings. The company constantly analyses consumers’ needs and responds to them by supplying desired products and creating new categories. The R&D staff continuously look for new flavours, making sure the new products are not only tasty and of high quality, but also reflect consumers’ preferences and expectations regarding e.g. lower sodium content or lack of preservatives.

As a result of such approach, Firma Roleski was the first in Poland in its category to create a line of organic products, manufactured solely from natural and ecologically clean ingredients.